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Ramon Ray

Hi, I'm Ramon Ray. When I was fired from the United Nations, I had to make money, to support my family. What did I do? I built my own personal brand and become the Celebrity CEO ™.

I become the go to small business expert in New York City. Started 5 companies, sold 3 businesses, authored 5 books, hired by the biggest brands in the world, shared stages with the likes of Seth Godin, Daymond John, Simon Sinek and hired to speak around the world.

I will teach you the Celebrity CEO ™ blueprint. How to build an in-demand personal brand.

Let me help you get more Attention, more Trust and more Sales in your Business with the Celebrity CEO™ Personal Branding Blueprint.

Ramon Ray
Get Your Free Celebrity CEO™ Blueprint
Celebrity CEO reader

Ramon has written the book, literally, on how to be The Celebrity CEO™ of your industry and build your personal brand.

So many business owners, like you, are struggling, hustling and scraping by to get the next client.

Do you wake up and go "hunting" and hope to catch the next client. Do you hope to get the next customer to buy from you?

There's hope. Being The Celebrity CEO™ of your industry, you can have customers seeking you out.

I'll teach you to ATTRACT followers, BUILD trust through education and make SALES by having clients invest in YOUR solution to their problem.

Get Your Free Celebrity CEO™ Blueprint

Get Attention. Stop Being Unknown.

You have the solution to your clients needs. They have problems and you can help solve them – if they only knew you existed. Let me help you get ATTENTION for your personal brand. If you’re the “hidden secret” of your industry you can’t grow your business and live the life you want.

Celebrity CEOer with Ramon

Build Trust. Stop Your Client's Hesitation.

Celebrity CEO Guy Learning

More Sales. Live the Life You Want.

When you have more sales and profit you can truly live the life you want. Want to spend more time with your spouse, child or church? Want to travel the world, volunteer for a local non-profit, or spend time planning your next venture. Generating more sales in your business helps you do just that – whatever you want.

Celebrity CEO fan

More attention and more trust in front of the right customer is the key to more sales and profit.

Ramon has spent over 20 years honing the art and science of using a strong personal brand to get more attention and build more trust, resulting in more sales. Let me and my team help you do this in your coaching, consulting or speaking business. Let me help you be more known to your perfect customer in your market.

The Celebrity CEO™ framework includes specific pillars to help you get more attention, more trust and more sales from the right customer.

We offer the system to help you grow your coaching and consulting business.

Content Marketing with Social Media

Email Marketing

Website and Blog

Book Publishing and Marketing

Podcast and/or Consistent Show

Video Marketing

Event Hosting

Public Speaking

Publicity through Media Coverage

Our Clients’ Success Is Your Success

We’ve helped thousands of business owners succeed, with the Celebrity CEO™ framework. We can help you too. Through our large events, small group discussions and one-to-one advice we have the proven results to help you succeed too!

“Ramon got me excited to go forward with my product along with great ideas to make a huge "much talked about" promotional blast. So glad!”
Janine S
"I have learned that there is one difference between success and failure - INFORMATION. Ramon you are like a light bulb. Your bring the insights and energy through knowledge. I am away with so much more eye opening ways to improve and grow my business."
Sharon B, Millennium Office so much from Rmaon on creating a personal brand. He's so pesonaable and made the workshop invaluable. Excellent workshop. Just watching him deliver the workshop was informative.
"First, thank you so much for all the valuable information you gave. I will be using it all and putting a few of the steps into action immediately. You really broke the pitch down in a way that made it not only simple but I am excited to develop mine."
Tina W

Let’s Make You the Celebrity CEO™ of Your Industry!

Get Your Free Celebrity CEO™ Blueprint

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