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Fake Podcasting Is A Thing

Podcasting is great. I think every business owner should consider it. However, fake podcasting is a thing too. It’s what I suggest clients of Celebrity CEO™ personal brand consider doing.

Fake podcasting is where you produce so much consistent content, that it’s almost equivalent to a podcast.

Sure, a real podcast is often associated with audio and goes on Apple iTunes and other podcast platforms. The podcast is hosted by a company like Spotify or Libsyn.

However, if you consistently produce content, you’ll be fine.

Content is all about getting the attention of the right customer. You’re reading this, right? Content is all about building trust and educating someone. After you build trust, after you EARN trust, you then have the right for a sale.

So now you know – fake podcasting – try it out 🙂

My content includes a weekly email newsletter, lots of short form video on IG and Facebook stories, a fledgling YouTube channel and lost of social posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Do I have a podcast yes. But I don’t sweat it. I do it when I can.

I’m proudly a fake podcaster.

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