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Self-Promotion Doesn’t Have To Be Yucky

Self-promotion doesn’t have to be yucky, says the Celebrity CEO personal branding expert. Many business coaches, consultants and strategists want more visibility for their expertise, but don’t like to self-promote.

Self promotion is part of the strategy in my Celebrity CEO coaching program.

Many of us THINK that self-promotion is that arrogant brag all about us to shine the light on us.

We incorrectly think we should only live our lives shining the light on others and be “humble”. I absolutely get it.

However, self-promotion is about a few things:

– Understand that you are YOUR BEST and MOST consistent cheer leader. No one else is going to promote you as much as you promote yourself. As no one else is going to put YOU and YOUR brand before theirs.

– When you self-promote yourself, you let those who NEED YOUR SERVICES know that you are out there to serve them.

Self-promotion is not always promting you.

I consistently and successful promote OTHER PEOPLE, even “competitors”.

Self-promotion is LESS showcasing how amazing you are, it’s MORE about letting others NOT forget you and having you in the top of their mind.

Are you a business expert who struggles with self promotion? Let’s explore why and if you’re interested in me helping you get more visibility and awareness for your expertise DM me, let me know.

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