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How To Crush Your First Podcast Interview

I’ve been on what feels like hundreds of podcasts over the past few years, several a month, over the past recent years. Getting you featured on podcasts is what we do at Celebrity CEO. Here’s some insights on how to do a great job and leverage your first podcast interview.

Understand Your Podcast Host

Every host is different. Some are fast talkers, some are slow talkers. Some want details and some want just the highlights. So do your best to know the overall “mojo” of your podcast host. Their style of interviewing.

Know the Audience

More or less, know the audience you’re speaking to. If it’s the “vegan nation” podcast, maybe don’t talk about how you love bacon cheese burgers. Are they college students, young professionals, men who garden or lady’s in construction. Know your audience and speak accordingly.

Don’t Be a Self Promotion Machine

If all you do is talk about your book, or your upcoming event or offer, you’re not serving the audience. Spend 80% of the time, or more, giving INFORMATION and insight to the audience. Share your knowledge with them. Let them be wiser, smarter or better off, because they listened to you.

Be Nice

Be nice to the host. Be friendly. Be a great conversationalist.

After the Interview

Be sure to thank the host and then get ready for the post-promotion.

After the interview share the interview with your audience. Let others know that you were interviewed. Now is the time to self-promote yourself. Leverage this interview to get other interviews.

Be Prepared

Being prepared is relative. By God’s grace, I’m a pretty good communicator and can talk and length about ANY topic related to small business growth and entrepreneurship in the areas of marketing, sales, mindset. I’m not so versed in money, fund-raising, but I can touch on some good points based on my experience.

I find some people they need more preparation time. They want to know what questions will be asked and etc. That’s ok.

But you MIGHT not get the precise questions asked.

So if you do not feel comfortable just having a conversation with friends, as many good interviews are, then be careful. Maybe you’re not ready to be interviewed. Wanting to be prepared is good. But you should KNOW YOUR STUFF.

Listen To Yourself

Listen to yourself on an interview. How does it sound. After a while, there’s no need to do this, but for the first few, listen to yourself to better gauge how you sound.

Technical Details

  • Good microphone. Ideally a podcast mic. I use this USB Samson Microphone.
  • This Zoom Podtrak P4 audio mixer is nice to mix sounds form the microphone, my computer, my phone (for IG streaming) and etc.
  • Good lighting ON YOUR FACE is important. Any lights will do, more or less. I use two of these Trond “goose neck” lights clipped to my desk.
  • Of course a variety of wires, cables and accessories you’ll want to look into as well.
  • I use these TRSS cables (not a brand name but a type of cable) to connect my audio mixer to my phone or tablet so I can use their sound with my computer for video streaming (on Streamyard)

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