How To Crush Your First Podcast Interview

I’ve been on what feels like hundreds of podcasts over the past few years, several a month, over the past recent years. Getting you featured on podcasts is what we do at Celebrity CEO. Here’s some insights on how to do a great job and leverage your first podcast interview. Understand Your Podcast Host Every […]

Fake Podcasting Is A Thing


Podcasting is great. I think every business owner should consider it. However, fake podcasting is a thing too. It’s what I suggest clients of Celebrity CEO™ personal brand consider doing. Fake podcasting is where you produce so much consistent content, that it’s almost equivalent to a podcast. Sure, a real podcast is often associated with […]

Self-Promotion Doesn’t Have To Be Yucky

Self-promotion doesn’t have to be yucky, says the Celebrity CEO personal branding expert. Many business coaches, consultants and strategists want more visibility for their expertise, but don’t like to self-promote. Self promotion is part of the strategy in my Celebrity CEO coaching program. Many of us THINK that self-promotion is that arrogant brag all about […]