Get More Attention for Your Expertise. Be the Celebrity CEO™

The Celebrity CEO™ Personal Branding Course

One on One Personal Coaching with Ramon Ray, your Personal Branding Strategist

Personally work with Ramon and his team to help you get more ATTENTION, more TRUST and generate more SALES with The Celebrity CEO™ blueprint.

Ramon Ray

Just a few of the benefits of working one-on-one with Ramon...

  • Showcase your industry credibility
  • Be the go-to leader in your niche
  • Become a sought after expert
  • Build an engaging social media presence​

WARNING - this is not for everyone. Who is it for?

Ramon's Celebrity CEO™ blueprint is for serious business owners who are tired of playing small.

  1. Are you ready to INVEST in yourself?
  2. Are you ready to INVEST in the growth of your business for the benefit of your life today and in the future?
  3. Do you want to learn from an expert in personal branding who has 20+ years of experience in video, publicity, marketing and more?
  4. Are you ready to be better known to your ideal clients and industry peers?

Attention. Trust. Sales

First, we'll work with you on the strategies to help you understand and overall get the attention, build the trust and increase sales in your business.

You won't be learning alone, but with Ramon, his team.

Celebrity CEO Mastermind

In each session Ramon will teach you a specific principle of The Celebrity CEO™ blueprint. You'll have the opportunity to work on this (or other areas) as it applies specifically to your business

Ramon Will Help You Develop the Tactics and Strategies
of the 9 Celebrity CEO™ blueprint pillars for YOUR business

Content Marketing with Social Media

Email Marketing

Website and Blog

Book Publishing and Marketing

Podcast and/or Consistent Show

Video Marketing

Event Hosting

Public Speaking

Publicity through Media Coverage

In this one-on-one personal, premium coaching with Ramon, he'll personally help you build a strategy for your to be The Celebrity CEO™ of your industry. Ramon will guide you through the 9 pillars of The Celebrity CEO™ blueprint.

Ramon will give you the "secrets" from his experience in how to market events, create podcasts, self-promote yourself, get media interviews, leverage social media and so much more.

Looking for "the easy button"?

Well there is none, but this is as close as you'll get to it.

1 on 1 Personal Coaching Sessions with Ramon and YOU!

Get Attention. Stop Being Unknown.

You have the solution to your clients needs. They have problems and you can help solve them – if they only knew you existed. Let me help you get ATTENTION for your personal brand. If you’re the “hidden secret” of your industry you can’t grow your business and live the life you want.

Celebrity CEOer with Ramon

Build Trust. Stop Your Client's Hesitation.

You have the solution to your clients needs. They have problems and you can help solve them – if they only knew you existed. Let me help you get ATTENTION for your personal brand. If you’re the “hidden secret” of your industry you can’t grow your business and live the life you want.

Celebrity CEO Guy Learning

More Sales. Live the Life You Want.

When you have more sales and profit you can truly live the life you want. Want to spend more time with your spouse, child or church? Want to travel the world, volunteer for a local non-profit, or spend time planning your next venture. Generating more sales in your business helps you do just that – whatever you want.

Celebrity CEO fan

More attention and more trust in front of the right customer is the key to more sales and profit.

Ramon has spent over 20 years honing the art and science of using a strong personal brand to get more attention and build more trust, resulting in more sales. Let me and my team help you do this in your coaching, consulting or speaking business. Let me help you be more known to your perfect customer in your market.

More Attention

We’ll help you create proven attention grabbing and lead generation strategies. Social media, video, publicity and more...

More Trust

The more trust your future customers has the more inclined they'll buy from you the solution they need. We'll help you build trust.

More Sales

Once you get more attention and build more trust, you'll have more sales - from current and new customers

Who Is Ramon Ray?

Well, I’m glad you asked. I was just like you – where you are right now (sort of).

I was fired from the United Nations and needed to drastically get more attention, build more trust and more sales, so I could feed my family. I was in survival mode.

Over time, I built my personal brand and today I’m an in-demand motivational speaker and business coach on personal branding and small business marketing.

I”ve started 5 companies and sold three of them. Authored many books, including “The Celebrity CEO™”.

Sure, it was cool to interview President Obama, all 5 Shark Tank Sharks. It was way cool to share the stage with Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck and many others.

What gives me the most satisfaction, is helping small business owners start and build their personal brands.

Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about video, social media, event production, public speaking, video and so much more.

Let me teach you the strategies I’ve learned – give you the short cut – to start and build your personal brand, so you can be The Celebrity CEO™ of your industry!

Ramon Ray

Get Personal Coaching from Ramon

Ramon is an in-demand expert on personal branding for small business owners – especially – coaches, consultants, authors and speakers. He’s built his own personal brand and he can help you build yours too.

Ramon will teach your his principles of building followers and converting them to clients.

He’ll teach you his principles of ATTENTION >> TRUST >> SALES.

He’ll share with you how you can implement ATTRACT, SELL and WOW into your OWN BUSINESS.

Ramon will share his personal playbook of success with you and help you become The Celebrity CEO™ of your industry.

Celebrity CEO

Our Clients’ Success Is Your Success

We’ve helped thousands of business owners succeed, with the Celebrity CEO™ framework. We can help you too. Through our large events, small group discussions and one-to-one advice we have the proven results to help you succeed too!

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