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Ramon is a leading expert in small business marketing. He's been on stage with Daymond John, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek and other icons of business.

Sign up for a Celebrity CEO™ workshop and learn the principles of building attention and trust to generate more sales for your business.

Perfect for coaches, consultants, speakers, authors.

Each workshop is a 30 minute class in the Celebrity CEO™ blueprint, then open discussion to help you in YOUR business. Marketing, podcasts, email marketing, video, blogging, sales and more.

Bring your questions. Every question is welcome!

Ramon will TEACH you his principles of success and then open for discussion.

21 March, 2023 (Tues) – 11 am EST

30 March, 2023 (Thur) – 4pm EST

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Want more sales?

First, get more ATTENTION and TRUST with Ramon's Celebrity CEO ™ Blueprint

Ramon Ray

I become the go to small business expert in New York City. Started 5 companies, sold 3 businesses, authored 5 books, hired by the biggest brands in the world, shared stages with the likes of Seth Godin, Daymond John, Simon Sinek and hired to speak around the world.

I will teach you the Celebrity CEO ™ blueprint. How to build an in-demand personal brand.

Let me help you get more Attention, more Trust and more Sales in your Business with the Celebrity CEO™ Personal Branding Blueprint.

Ramon Ray

Hi, I'm Ramon Ray. When I was fired from the United Nations, I had to make money, to support my family. What did I do? I built my own personal brand and became the Celebrity CEO ™.

Celebrity CEO reader

Ramon has written the book, literally, on how to be The Celebrity CEO™ of your industry and build your personal brand.

So many business owners, like you, are struggling, hustling and scraping by to get the next client.

Do you wake up and go "hunting" and hope to catch the next client. Do you hope to get the next customer to buy from you?

There's hope. Being The Celebrity CEO™ of your industry, you can have customers seeking you out.

I'll teach you to ATTRACT followers, BUILD trust through education and make SALES by having clients invest in YOUR solution to their problem.

Get Attention. Stop Being Unknown.

Celebrity CEOer with Ramon

Build Trust. Stop Your Client's Hesitation.

Celebrity CEO Guy Learning

More Sales. Live the Life You Want.

Celebrity CEO fan

The Celebrity CEO™ framework includes specific pillars to help you get more attention, more trust and more sales from the right customer.

We offer the system to help you grow your coaching and consulting business.

Content Marketing with Social Media

Email Marketing

Website and Blog

Book Publishing and Marketing

Podcast and/or Consistent Show

Video Marketing

Event Hosting

Public Speaking

Publicity through Media Coverage