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The Celebrity CEO™ Personal Branding Course

For Business Experts Who Are Tired of Being The Best Kept Secret.

Get your quick start to better understanding how to build and grow your personal brand with The Celebrity CEO™ Personal Branding Course

Let me ask you…

Are you amazing in your area of expertise and you’re ready to create a personal brand that’s impactful and celebrated?

Do you want to STOP being the “best kept secret” and finally be paid your worth…?

Are you ready to grace more stages with your brilliance…and successfully reach people who need you the most?

If you said, “yes,” yes,” and “YES!!”…

The Celebrity CEO™ Personal Branding Course is for You

9 Powerful Course Modules and Bonuses

Learn the strategies and tips in how to build your personal brand and be the Celebrity CEO™ you deserve to be.

  • Getting attention
  • Content marketing
  • Getting publicity
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Websites
  • Podcasts
  • Book publishing and marketing
  • Public Speaking
  • Event production
  • Blogging


  • Small Business Workshop, Developed with Seth Godin ($997 value)
  • Celebrity CEO™ Personal Branding Book (digital) ($19 value)
  • Grow Your Solo Audio Experience, Workbook and eBook ($49)

This course is your GATEWAY to understanding key principles of personal branding for your business.

Hi! I'm Ramon Ray, founder and brand-builder enthusiast of The Celebrity CEO™

Ramon Ray

My mission is to EMPOWER YOU to start and build your personal brand!

When I was fired from the United Nations, I was forced into full time entrepreneurship. I gained and mastered the skills of capturing attention in a crowded market, gaining trust with potential clients, and landing amazing opportunities.

For over 20 years I’ve helped thousands of business owners grow their companies.

I’m an in-demand motivational keynote speaker, 5x author and serial entrepreneur who has sold 3 companies.

This is the power of the Celebrity CEO™ personal branding blueprint.