Amplify Your Business with Celebrity CEO's 3-Day Virtual Challenge!

Join me, Ramon Ray, the Celebrity CEO, from November 14th to 16th at 3 pm ET for a transformative 3-Day Virtual Challenge. Elevate your entrepreneurial journey and discover strategies that will supercharge your business growth.

Unlock the Secrets of Email Marketing, Podcasting, and Social Media with Ramon Ray!

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Discover the three undeniable rules to drive traffic and increase leads, customers, and revenue. Whether you offer a product or service, these principles will guide you to reach your revenue goals and stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Rule #1

If you don’t have enough traffic (attention) at the top of your funnel, you’ll never be able to convert enough people at the bottom of the funnel to REACH YOUR REVENUE GOALS!

Rule #2

You can have the best service and the highest quality product, but if not enough people see your offer, you won’t REACH YOUR REVENUE GOALS!

Rule #3

What’s working today, may not work tomorrow so leveraging multiple traffic strategies and amplifying what’s working “while the iron is hot” is vital…so you can REACH YOUR REVENUE GOALS!

No matter your business type—product or service-based—these rules are your guiding stars.

But here’s the silver lining: In this ever-evolving world of marketing, you have the power to stay ahead, to command attention, and to foster trust. This isn’t just about business; it’s about crafting a legacy.

  • Imagine a life where you dictate the terms, living freely on your terms.
  • Envision a future where your endeavors secure generational wealth for your loved ones.
  • Picture a profitable business that makes a profound impact—be it in your community, church, alma mater, or a cherished non-profit.

I’ve been there, done that. I’ve leveraged these strategies from selling DVDs to high-ticket services, from coaching sessions to cruise cabins. And they’ve worked wonders every single time.


All I ask? Dive in headfirst. Be present, be eager, and most importantly, implement these strategies. Do this, and soon, you’ll have your success story, a testament to your journey, to share with our vibrant community.

Are you ready? Let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

The 3-Day Challenge Breakdown


Cash In with Email Marketing

Unlock the potential of email marketing and witness how it can lead to rapid profits.


Podcasting Power Play

Explore the world of podcasting and captivate a loyal audience.


Social Media Savvy

Harness the influence of social media without the need to go viral.


"The three-session course for Celebrity CEO was better than I could have imagined. Packed with creative ideas and advice on growing your small business. Ramon knows how to engage an audience. Jamie provided an outstanding workbook that enables you to continue your journey."

Pamela (Pandy) Rockwell

"The Celebrity CEO Challenge was engaging, exciting, and easy to follow. I look forward to starting RoniUplifts podcast to inspire others to live up to their fullest potential."

Roni Talley

"A Ramon Ray event offers sage advice, practical tactics, and a warm, supportive community. Ramon and Jamie are generous with their knowledge, making it a hub for entrepreneurs at all stages."

Monica Ortiz

"This event exceeded my expectations. I learned so much about email marketing and social media, confirming I'm on the right track."

Kim Kensler-Prager

Be more VISIBLE - Build Your Personal Brand! For Business Coaches, Consultants, Speakers and Authors.


After joining, check your email to get access to our private Facebook group. The daily challenges will be hosted here where you’ll get full insight and strategies to implement. We start on November 14th.

Each day you’ll receive suggested actions for you to take that are designed to drive immediate traffic into your business. I can’t wait to share them with you!



Learn from me, Ramon Ray, your expert guide, who will equip you with the skills to elevate your business game. Become a magnet for high-value contracts and an in-demand speaker that everyone wants on their stage!

Stand out from the crowd by mastering the art of personal branding. Craft a compelling narrative, establish a unique identity, and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Develop a brand that commands attention, builds trust, and paves the way for long-term success!

Plunge into the transformative realm of email marketing, podcasting, and social media marketing. Discover insider strategies that have propelled industry leaders to outstanding success. Implement actionable techniques that will amplify your reach, engagement, and conversions, propelling your business to new heights!

Join a vibrant community of ambitious entrepreneurs who share your passion for success. Connect with like-minded individuals, build valuable relationships, and tap into a robust network of driven peers. Share insights, collaborate, and leverage collective knowledge to fuel your growth journey.

Joining the Virtual 3-Day Challenge isn’t just a decision, it’s a commitment to peak performance, shining brand identity, accelerated business growth, and strong connections with fellow entrepreneurs. Don’t let this golden opportunity pass by. Secure your spot now and get ready for a dynamic journey of growth and success!


Testimonials from Our Thrilled Attendees!

"Ramon got me excited to go forward with my product along with great ideas to make a huge 'much talked about' promotional blast. So glad!"
" so much from Ramon on creating a personal brand. He's so personable and made the workshop invaluable. Excellent workshop. Just watching him deliver the workshop was informative."
"I have learned that there is one difference between success and failure - INFORMATION. Ramon, you are like a light bulb. You bring insights and energy through knowledge. I am walking away with so many eye-opening ways to improve and grow my business."

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this event is tailored to small business owners and entrepreneurs like you.

Experience the undeniable power of email marketing, podcasting, and social media marketing through real success stories and actionable strategies.

Connect and network with like-minded entrepreneurs in our thriving community.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer: Register now to secure your spot and take advantage of early bird pricing.

Crafted for your success and tailored to your aspirations, this event is your opportunity to turn your business dreams into reality.

Register today and prepare to witness your business soar to new heights!

Who is Ramon Ray?

Ramon (Ruh-moan) is unapologetically positive and high-energy.

He’s an in-demand motivational speaker and event host as well as a leading expert on personal branding and small business growth.

Celebrity CEO™, All About Personal Branding, is Ramon’s fifth book.

Ramon’s a serial entrepreneur! He’s started five business with three being acquired.

He’s the publisher of of and

Ramon is easy to work with (says his clients) and is constantly rated “5 stars” by event attendees who are part of his motivational speaker or event hosting experience.

You’ll find Ramon highly engaging and informative.

Ramon’s most requested speaking themes include:

  • Date Your Leads, Marry Your Customers (how to sell and market better).

  • Celebrity CEO™ – Stop Chasing Sales. Get Attention and Trust (how to start and build your personal brand).

  • Social Media Marketing Works. Here’s How! (Ramon shares his blueprint for using social media to get the attention of your perfect customer).

Ramon Ray